#20 Foot Callus File - Coarse


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Color: White

This #20 foot callus file coarse helps reduce significant calluses on the feet.

This heavy-duty pedicure tool reduces calluses and corns to powder and it is the best very sanitary callus eliminator .

Do you suffer from large, unsightly calluses on your feet? You have thick callused and dead skin?

Or if you're a beauty professional, would you like to offer your clients high-quality foot care?

The diamond foot callus file  coarse will help you quickly and efficiently soften calloused feet. 

The # 20 foot callus file coarse is:

  • Durable for years and years because of the real diamond.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Efficient.
  • Safe, doesn't hurt or cut.
  • Hygienic, can be washed or sanitized.
  • Used in salon and can resist beauty professionals' intensive usage.

This foot rasp  can be used along with the new Diamancel # 21 foot rasp   or  # 11 Foot callus buffer- Medium  and or the foot buffer  # 10 - Fine   for feet for a full foot care regimen.

Grit: 70.

Size: 17,9 cm   7''

The comparable Diamancel foot tool is the # 22 FOOT CALLUS BUFFER- COARSE  with the same rough grain, and has the same efficiency. 

Don't forget our Foot care cream  to add softness to your feet after this routine.

Read this article from our BLOG about how to clean the foot callus file


Our foot files work better when they are cleaned. Use them on dry skin to obtain the best results. Wash them after each use with soapy water with a soft brush, then rinse them with water.

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