Diamancel files #3, #6 and severe foot callus rasps #20, #21 set

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Diamancel offers a kit of 2 files and 2 foot rasps for important calluses.


SPECIAL PRICE for this set of DIAMANCEL files for toenails and feet calluses.

This set of files for feet includes our main exclusive diamond files. This affordable assortment is a perfect choice for health and beauty professionals when it comes to providing foot care and pedicures. Affordable, hygienic and durable, these files are an ideal solution, enabling you not only to provide your clients with professional care, but also to give yourself a high-quality beauty break with our excellent products.

The design of our files allows you to file back and forth without damaging your nails.

The rough flexible file #3 is designed for filing toenails. The Diamancel file #6 medium+ grit is the ideal for finishing the toenails.

The Diamancel foot rasp #20 is the most popular pedicure tool. Indeed, with its coarse grit, on the current market, it is the most effective with our foot buffer #22 to eliminate the important calluses of your feet.

The Diamancel rasp #21 is a file for small feet calluses with a true fine diamond grit. It is ideal for removing the small, dry and rough skin on your feet. It can be used on its own when you have light calluses. You can also use it as a finish after the foot file #20.

The many advantages of the Diamancel file:

  • Safe, won’t hurt or cut.
  • Durable because made of real diamond.
  • Economic.
  • The most efficient on the market today.
  • Easy to use because flexible.
  • Washable.
  • Hygienic because can be disinfected.
  • Diamancel quality used by professionals since 1994.


#3 Flexible file - Coarse

With its rough texture and durable design, the flexible coarse-grit nail file #3 can easily file toenails.

#6 Semi-flexible file - Medium+

With its light rough texture and semi-flexible durable design, this file can easily work as a finishing file after using the #3 for the toenails.

#20 Foot callus file - Coarse

This powerful heavy-duty diamond foot rasp is able to reduce important foot calluses and corns to powder. Use it on dry feet, before the #21 finishing foot rasp. We recommend using it on dry feet.

#21 Foot callus file - Fine

The #21 foot callus file is designed with a fine grit of real diamond.  It is an ideal foot rasp for small calluses or little dead skin. This Diamancel file is also a finishing file that lives your feet soft and smooth after using the #20 coarse foot file. We recommend using it on dry feet.

The ideal is to finish your pedicure treatment with the Diamancel herbal cream, which will hydrate and nourish your feet.


Our files work better when they are cleaned. Use on dry skin. Wash them often with soapy water with a soft brush, then rinse them with water. Dry before storing. Foot rasps should be cleaned after each use.

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