Claws file Mini-Sacha for animals


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The Mini-Sacha file for pet claws meets the expectations of consumers. Diamancel has designed this little diamond claw file for your little pet. It is durable because it is made of real diamond, flexible and hygienic because it disinfects in an anti-bacterial solution. Very important for grooming professionals.

A nice alternative! Indeed, the Mini-Sacha diamond file eliminates the claw cutter step and replaces it with an easy and effective filing method. For those who use the conventional claw cutter the Mini-Sacha file for animal claws becomes an indispensable tool to soften the claws after cutting them.

Ideal for regular claw maintenance between grooming sessions.

File size in cm: 10.6 X 1.3     in inches  : 4.17 X 0.511

Also available is SACHA pet claw file and Sacha Premium pet claw file.


  • Find a comfortable, well-lit area and make sure your pet is relaxed before doing the filing.
  • Take a comfortable position for yourself and your pet. Hold your pet's paw firmly and gently press the ergot to clear the claw.
  • Use the Mini Pet Claw File with a back-and-forth motion to file each claw to the desired length, making sure each one is smooth. (Important: stop filing before reaching the vein running through the claws, as you may injure your pet).
  • Use Sacha diamond file regularly. Regular claw maintenance is important as it will help prevent personal injury, injury to your pet and property damage.


Keep your Mini-Sacha file in excellent condition by cleaning it with soapy water with a soft brush.


Reward your pet, after each session of the Mini Sacha filing, with a treat to stimulate favorable behavior.

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