Diamancel takes care of animals

Lime Sacha to take care of animal claws.

Diamancel created the SACHA file for the care of the claws of our animals a few years ago.

Now, SACHA is available in three sizes to address all animals, dogs, cats, rabbits, parrots, miniature pigs, rodents ... always with the same real diamond grain. There is the Mini Sacha, small, the Sacha file, medium, and the Sacha Premium file, large.

When you decide to have an animal, you also choose to take care of it, and its claws grow every day . It wears them out naturally when walking and moving on rough floors.

But it is necessary to file his claws at least once a month because they are fragile and can sometimes tear and make him suffer. SACHA files will be able to file them very well because they are durable, hygienic, washable and safe for the animal.

These files are of professional quality. They are used by groomers and veterinary centers. It is possible to disinfect them, which makes them very safe for your pet. No infection or contamination will be possible.

Diamancel wishes you good use.