How to use DIAMANCEL rasps and buffers for foot calluses

What is foot callus? Thick, dry and sometimes even rough skin that settles on the feet. 

These calluses may make it difficult for you to walk or you find them just plain unsightly. Like many people, you suffer from calluses on your feet and need to be treated. Here is the information on the use of Diamancel rasps and polishers.

Diamancel responds to your problem and provides you with various very high quality tools, manufactured entirely in its factory in Montreal, Canada. Indeed, all the rasps as well as all the Diamancel polishers are designed on a flexible base which is not at all metallic but of fiberglass, with grains of real diamond , not synthetic. Who says diamond, says durability because it is the hardest mineral at the present time.

Our products are therefore durable , flexible and cannot hurt you when using them. You can use rasps or buffers to overcome your foot calluses without any problems and so safe .

You have the option of using rasps or buffers.

Use of Diamancel rasps and polishers:

Rasps  :

  • the Diamancel foot file # 20  coarse grit. It is a very powerful callus rasp with a strong diamond grain. It removes the important calluses, the thick skin under the soles of the feet.
  • the Diamancel foot file # 21. This fine diamond foot rasp is intended for small calluses on the feet, or as a finish foot file after using the # 20 rough rasp for a soft and smooth finish.


Buffers  :

  • the Diamancel foot buffer # 22: very extra powerful polisher with a strong diamond grain. It is intended for large calluses on the feet, "dead" skin, thick rough under the feet and heels.
  • the Diamancel foot buffer # 11  means: polisher popular with medium diamond grit. It is aimed at people with "average" calluses on the feet as well as those wishing a regular pedicure treatment.
  • the Diamancel foot buffer # 10 ends: foot callus buffer with fine diamond grain. It is used for small calluses on the feet and as a finish after using one of the other two polishers.
  • the Diamancel double-sided foot callus buffer #22-10: coarse side and fine side.

The differences between foot callus rasps and buffers is mainly in the handle:

  • advantage with the buffers handle: more comfort during use, the diamond part can be disinfected.
  • advantage without the handle, the rasps: lighter, more compact format, disinfect completely.


We advise you to use our rasps and polishers on dry feet because the work will be even more efficient and easier. You won't have to strain, and that unsightly and awkward ugly hard skin under your feet will be gone. The ideal is to finish your pedicure treatment with the Diamancel herbal cream which will bring you hydration and freshness to the feet.

All these products that Diamancel puts at your disposal are of professional quality and have been used for 29 years in training schools, colleges, beauty centers as well as Spas.

Diamancel wish you good use.