Pamper your feet during the winter

The care of our feet is as important in winter as in summer. We can adopt a new very easy foot care routine to avoid getting dry and rough feet.

  • Every day: MOISTURIZE your feet after bathing or showering with DIAMANCEL moisturizer . This cream composed of Juniper and Reine-des-meadows will ensure suppleness and softness with a sensation of freshness thanks to spearmint.
  • Minimum once a week: SANDING before using your cream to obtain optimum results. Sand your feet with the # 20 rasp to remove rough, dry skin and finish with the # 10 buff . If you don't have a lot of roughness you can directly use polisher # 11 (medium)

Your roughness will be very easily removed, effortlessly and quickly. Your feet will come out soft and like baby's feet.

The grater and polishers are used on dry feet in order to obtain a perfect result.