The eco-responsible Diamancel file for each type of nail

Diamancel created a unique range of real diamond files in 1994 to facilitate the work of all professionals in the field of manicures and pedicures.

Qualities of the Diamancel file with a particular grain for a particular type of nail.

This range is now available to the general public because our products are distributed worldwide through distributors as well as our website. Now you can treat yourself to a quality manicure in the comfort of your bathroom.

Diamancel invented a collection of eco-responsible files, which was avant-garde for the time, but very much in tune with the times. This is because all files are reusable and durable through use in the real diamond manufacturing process. It is the hardest mineral known to man.

Another quality of Diamancel files which is very important at the present time with the pandemic, is that they are all hygienic. They are  washable and disinfect.  Thus, all aesthetics professionals can save a lot of money by disinfecting them in an antibacterial solution and reusing them thousands of times. Beauty salons will then give an even better image of their service and reassure their customers.

Here is an explanatory table above with our different files and their use. 

Each file has its specific function and is intended for a particular type of nail on the hands or feet.

  • File # 1 file the natural nail fine , soft, brittle. It is also a finishing file for filing natural nails of normal thickness, after file # 2.
  • File # 2 file the natural nails of the hands of medium thickness .
  • File # 3 file the thick natural nail hands, nails carved or capsule and nails of toes .
  • File # 4 file the sculptured nails or capsules , ideally acrylic nails .
  • File # 6 file the natural nails more or less thick. It is ideal as a finishing file after file # 3 or file # 4.